Distinguished Faculty Awardees 2011

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PROF. R.C. Narayanan

Prof. Narayanan graduated in Physics from the University of Madras in 1941 with a first rank and was awarded the Pattabhirama Reddy Gold medal of the University. Thereafter in 1941, he was admitted to the three year certificate course in Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore (This certificate is considered as equivalent to a degree of a University by UPSC and other accredited bodies). He was awarded the certificate of the Institution in 1944. Thereafter, he served in Kolkata for about a year in the Patent Office. He was then selected by the Govt. of India in 1946 under the “Overseas Scholarship Scheme for Advanced Studies” meant for the post-war reconstruction of India and was admitted in the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Manchester as a research scholar. He spent 2 years there in research and was awarded the M.Sc. degree of the University in 1948 for my thesis. Thereafter he spent about 6 months training at the Metropolitan Vickers Mfg. Co. and returned to India. Prof. Narayanan was appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering in 1950 in the then Delhi Polytechnic. In 1955, he was selected by the Govt. of Canada (under the Colombo plan) to undergo training in the Ontario Hydro Electric Commission for 6 months. He was promoted as Asst. Professor, selected thereafter as Professor and finally as Principal in 1972. Prof.Narayanan retired on May 31, 1980 as Principal, Delhi College of Engineering.


Dr.V.R Moorthi graduated in Physics and later completed B.E. (Electrical Engineering) from Osmania University, Hyderabad in 1953. Later, he worked with state electricity board for about ten years. Subsequently, he pusued higher studies and obtained his M.Tech. and PhD from IIT Kharagpur and IIT Kanpur respectively.

He then joined REC Kuruskshetra as Professor of Electrical Engineering and later went to join DCE and continued there as Professor till his retirement. After his superannuation he continued teaching in DIT for another ten years as visiting professor of Electrical Engineering. He earned mark as a distinguished academician and strict disciplinarian throughout his career as a Professor. He was known as a multi dimensional person and dynamic academician, as he never stuck to teaching just one subject. Also he always upgraded his teaching methodologies to train his pupils as the best Engineers of the country. He taught many disciplines like Power Electronics, Digital Electronics, Microprocessors, Control Engg, and Instrumentation, apart from Statistics, abstract Mathematics and Electrical networks and other electrical engineering subjects. This illustrates his versatility in learning and imparting latest technologies to students. He regularly worked as examiner for M.Tech and PhD theses for other Engineering colleges and universities. In the year 1980-81, he conducted a winter school workshop on ‘Modern Process Control Techniques’ sponsored by ISTE, Delhi, with Prof. S P Mathur as coordinator. The Winter School was attended by about 25 teachers from various Engineering Colleges across India. After his superannuation, his experience culminated in a book entitled; ‘Power Electronics – Devices, Circuits and Applications’, which was published by Oxford University Press. The book presently in its ninth Edition has rare reviews and being followed as text book in many leading Engineering universities.


Born in Gwalior in 1935, Prof V.P.Bhatnagar obtained his M.Sc. degree in Physics from Agra University with Gold medal. He was awarded Ph.D. degree in 1966 by Vikram University for his work on Interaction and Propagation of Ultrasonic Waves in Plasma. He joined Delhi College of Engineering as Assistant Professor in 1967. He became Professor in 1984 and continued till he superannuated in 1995. Prior to this, he served in Maulana Azad College of Technology; Bhopal from 1961 to 1967. He started his teaching career in 1956 as a Lecturer in Science College, Gwalior. Dr Bhatnagar made significant contribution in the development of Applied Physics Department of Delhi College of Engineering and making it as a Centre of Research. He successfully guided a number of research scholars to get Ph.D. degrees in the field of Acoustics and Ultrasonics, Applied Optics, Solar Physics etc. He is a Fellow of Ultrasonic Society of India and a Fellow of Acoustical Society of India .He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Pure and Applied Ultrasonics. Dr Bhatnagar served as the Chairman of BE Examination Reform Committee, University of Delhi, recommendations of which were largely implemented in DCE and NSIT. He has published more than 24 books on scientific subjects. Some of his books in Hindi published by NCERT have been quite popular. During 1975-1995 Dr Bhatnagar delivered several TV talks to popularise science.

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