BATLA HOUSE Encounter Real Story by Karnal Singh, Ex IPS Officer (BATLA HOUSE Encounter Team Leader)

The book, Batla House:Our Respected Alumni Shri Karnal Singh @ DTU studio with our Shri Anoop Lather BATLA HOUSE Encounter Real Story by Karnal Singh, Ex IPS Officer- Watch the complete interview



The book, Batla House: An Encounter That Shook The Nation, is about the shootout between members of Delhi Police Special Cell and alleged Indian Mujahideen terrorists in September 2008. Read More

Book On Batla House Encounter - The Indian Express


Batla House enlists the details of an anti-terror operation and lives in uniform. It also puts to rest a lot of controversies and versions on the infamous Batla House encounter.The book Batla House written by former police officer Karnal Singh is a real thriller and gold mine of information on the anti-terror operations, history and great analysis on the terror outfits targeting India. Read More

BATLA HOUSE: An Encounter That Shook the Nation - The Pioneer


केंद्रशासित क्षेत्र कैडर के 1984 बैच के अधिकारी रहे सिंह ने दक्षिणी दिल्ली के जामिया नगर में बटला हाउस इलाके में स्थित एल-18 मकान में 19 सितंबर 2008 को हुई मुठभेड़ पर ‘बटला हाउस: एंन इन्काउंटर दैट शुक द नेशन’ शीर्षक से किताब लिखी है। Read More

बटला हाउस मुठभेड़ को फर्जी ठहराने के लिए झूठी खबरों और अफवाहों का लिया गया सहारा: करनैल सिंह - प्रभासाक्षी न्यूज


The 1984-batch officer of the Union Territories cadre has come out with a book -- Batla House: An Encounter that Shook the Nation -- on the police operation on September 19, 2008 at house number L-18 in the Batla House locality of Jamia Nagar in south Delhi. Read More

Fake news, rumours used to label 2008 Batla House encounter staged: Ex-IPS officer Karnal Singh - The New Indian Express

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