DCE Alumnus Mr. Mahesh Joshi, B.E. Mech. 1982 batch Featured on CEO Magazine Jan-feb 2020 issue, appointed as Chief Executive of L&T Valves, Director at L&T Valves


L&T Valves’ Chief Executive Mahesh Joshi is one of the great leaders. A true pioneer, Mahesh is not only looking to enhance valves, he’s also working to create the future of valves and revolutionize the entire industry.


“You don’t want to follow the crowd,” Mahesh shares. “We want to create something different for the industry. It’s not to differentiate and sell more products. It is to create a new level of user satisfaction, a new level of improvement and enhancement of productivity at the application points. We want to achieve that by aligning our suppliers also in our collaborative journey into the next level of technologies with us. That’s how we can revolutionize the flow industry.”




Courtesy: CEO MAGAZINE. 


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