Sriram Narayanan DCE Alumni Mech 1996 - Featured on Journey: Broad College of Business 2019 Annual Report



Sriram Narayanan, Kesseler Family Endowed Faculty Fellow and professor of supply chain management, believes that inclusion should “make it effortless for organizations to work very well together.” 

He has spent the past several years alongside numerous professors, MBA students, and nonprofit organizations in seeking answers to the question of how inclusion relates to productivity and innovation for the supply chain industry. 


Sriram extended his work as the international chair for the 12th Annual Indian Subcontinent Region of Decision Sciences Institute conference, helping to organize a panel session covering health, financial, and disability inclusion in India as well as aspects of climate change. 


Sriram also values inclusion as an important part of teaching. He serves as the academic director for the S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research Post-Graduate Diploma in Management program, which brings MBA students from India to the Broad College for a three-week supply chain immersion experience. “We educate them on how companies here tend to think about innovation, sustainability, and broadly inclusion and how we can make more data-centric decisions with respect to these,” he said.


"Broad has really opened my eyes to a whole new dimension around supply chain and how we can think about supply chain as an integrated entity."


Kesseler Family Endowed Faculty Fellow, Professor of Supply Chain Management



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