DCE Alumni Dr. Rajesh K. Soin 1969 batch (Mechanical), Chairman & CEO Soin LLC, donated 5 cores for proposed multipurpose hall (under construction) at DTU campus.



Indian American philanthropist Dr. Rajesh K Soin (alumnus 1969 batch of Mechanical Engineering) donated 5 crores for proposed multipurpose building (currently under construction) at Delhi Technological University. The University administration decided to name proposed building Raj Soin Hall. This is the first time in the history of DCE-DTU that alumnus has donated this large sum. 

Dr. Soin graduated from Delhi College of Engineering in 1969 ( DTU now) gone to USA for further studies. In 1984, he and his wife Indu established Modern Technologies Corporation ( MTC ),  a consulting in engineering, management and technical services for U.S  Defence Department. MTC quickly become one of the fastest growing companies in United States named by Inc. magazine and became largest defence contractor in Ohio, before it was acquired in 2008. In 1998, he started Soin International, a holding company with many subsidiaries.


Dr. Soin believes in entrepreneur spirit, wants to grow, to accomplish his vision, Soin International act as incubator for new business ideas, and has invested considerably for more than 2 decades.  He and his family is involved with various charities, and contributed towards building hospitals and research centres in India and USA. 


Dr. Soin was the founding trustee and first president of Ohio-India Project and was the recipient of Elllis Island Medal of Honor for his contribution as a mentor, charitable work and exceptional leadership.


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