Announcing DCE DTU Alumni Association Governing Council Election 2017

The DCE DTU Alumni Association Governing Council will first of all like to thank all the Alumni for strengthening the Association and making the Annual Event 2017 held at Air Force Auditorium, Subroto Park, New Delhi a great success.


As Governing Council, we are committed to ensure a fair, all-inclusive and transparent election to the Governing Council (GC) and set the Association on a stronger path for further growth.


We shall need help from all the members, whom we are able to reach through available contact details and through our web site, to spread the news further to all the alumni, so that we are able to update our data further to best possible extent for having maximum participation in the forthcoming election.


All current Lifetime Alumni Members of the Alumni Association who have completed one year of their membership as on 31st March 2017 are eligible to vote in the election as defined in the Association’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. 


The GC is preparing to hold the on-line election, for the first time, for maximum participation from all members across the world, in the most transparent manner.


The GC team has put in huge efforts to collect, collate and purify the data from various sources from different timelines. This was necessitated as no records or updated data was made available by the expelled office-bearers, which has led to unprecedented delay. The GC team has spent over 12 weeks to ensure a correct representation of members' data, yet we would like to invite all of you to submit your latest details which will be verified and updated to ensure maximum possible accuracy for member’s data. It will help the association to be able to update the Lifetime Member data further to best possible extent for having maximum participation in the Election 2017.


As per the bye laws, all Lifetime Alumni Members who have completed 10 years of membership are eligible to put in their nomination to contest Governing Council Election. 


Mr Pramod Adlakha DCE 1970 Civil (the founder General Secretary, and the General Secretary till 2004) is appointed as the Returning Officer. Mr Pramod Adlakha will be sharing the process and schedule for Governing Council Election 2017.


Prof. S. K. Singh has been nominated by Vice Chancellor DTU as the Observer. Also, for transparent and robust election process Mr. B. B. Tandon, Retired Chief Election Commissioner of India has given his kind consent to be an Independent Observer for the Governing Council Election 2017.


Kindly also share the email with your batch-mates and alumni friends to facilitate sharing of important details of the DCE DTU Alumni Association Election 2017 as may be their email addresses are not updated. You can also write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can Whatsapp @ +918130500026


We request all Lifetime Alumni members  to update their contact details and necessary information by logging into


Members who don't have their user name or email id registered but name appears in the list needs to provide contact details and necessary information.


Last date for updating members' data is 9th June 2017   :  Life Time Members' List


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