UDAAN -E-summit-2020 - Flight to DCE DTU Startup Ecosystem

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” - Albert Einstein


The word UDAAN signifies:


U     -------       You

D     -------       DCE-DTU

A     -------       Alumni

A     -------       Association for

N     -------       i[N]novation and e[N]trepreneurship

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DCE-DTUites will run a support system to make a small contribute in developing ideas for entrepreneurship, alternatives for innovation and knowledge based startups.

UDAAN constitutes a network of DCE-DTU Alumni’s known for their business acumen, industry knowledge, forward thinking and business leadership to nurture entrepreneurship among young students and DCE-DTU Alumni through various competition and incubation programs.


Startupthon - DCE DTU Startup Competition:

A competition-cum-event to encourage young startups to present their ideas to panel of expert jury and prove their traction to get the angel investment for the business between INR 2.5 million - 20 million.   Read More..


DQbator :

A platform for DCE – DTU undergraduates/graduates to connect with DCE-DTU alumni Association to nurture and grow the idea. DQbatees will get physical infrastructure and business support.  During pre-incubation, potential entrepreneurs also get office space, assistance in preparation of business plan, and business advisory support. Companies have to pay consideration for incubation which is combination of subsidized rent, small equity and revenue share.


Startup Fest :

A unique 1-day event that will be filled to the brim with seminars, engaging talks, workshops, networking and interactive sessions that will share every bit and piece of information about startups across industries with DCE-DTU undergraduates.


VC Lookup :

If you are running a fast paced startup and really looking for investments, we will assist you in connecting with DCE-DTUites interested to invest in the Startups.


Looking for Ideas/Co-founder :

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for ideas to investment/or a co-founder to join your company, you can submit your details and we will try to fulfil your craving.

 Jobs at Start-ups :

All the undergraduate DTUites who want to work in start-up or want an internship to take a real-world feel about start-up culture? Then here is the right place. Contact your representative and we will help you get an internship to Start-ups.


Embarking the celebration of 75yrs of institution glory, UDAAN will hold its flagship startup competition, aiming to repeat this event every year, for those who want to pursue and become an entrepreneur.


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