Batch Coordinators

We encourage the Alumnus of DCE - DTU to come forward and apply to become a Batch Coordinator. You will be custodian to conduct Annual Activity for your respective Batch.

# Batch Program Name User Email Photo
1 1962 BE(Elec) Shashi Kumar Dandona
2 1968 Ashok Kumar Gupta
3 1972 B.Sc. (Civil Engg.) Sunil Kumar Gupta
4 1972 Ram Niwas Gupta
5 1975 Om Prakash Khorwal
6 1978 Anil Kumar Sharma
7 1979 B.E. (Mech.) Sunil Khanna
8 B.Sc. (Elect. Engg.) Yogesh Kumar
9 1981 B.Sc. (Elect. & Electronics Engg.) Sanjay Diwan
10 1982 Nalin Mital
11 1983 Resham Singh
12 1983 Ashok Kumar Bansal
13 1984 B.E. (Elect. & Communication) Akhil Choudhary
14 B.E. (Civil) Veer Narayan
15 B.E. (Elect.) Anju Tandon
16 1987 Harish Chander Chander
17 1994 Kunal Ahuja
18 1994 PRASHANT CHOUBEY Choubey
19 1996 B.E. (Mech.) Arun Kumar Aggarwal
20 1998 Yogesh Kumar Bhardwaj Bhardwaj

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